Across the Park Updates

I can't believe it's been almost year since I flew to NYC to begin rehearsals for Across the Park's Off-Broadway showcase premiere. A lot has happened since then, and I'm excited to share a few thangs with you all. 

The NYC showcase production of Across the Park was a truly profound experience for me. It challenged me, I grew immensely as a writer and a collaborator, and I have all of the insanely talented artists that worked on the production to thank for it. If you missed all the buzz, feel free to check out our Facebook page to scroll back in time and take a look at all of the fun. 

Because of this experience, afforded to me by The Araca Project, I was able to revise the play in the rehearsal room, and I am so thrilled to announce that Across the Park was a semi-finalist for The Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference 2017. 

Take a gander at our gorgeous production photos taken by the truly talented JJ Darling Photography

Updates from Spring 2016

Hey all --

Whew! It was a busy spring for me. Let me catch y'all up on all the happenings. 

I'm excited to announce that I am a top 10 finalist for The Playwrights' Center Core Apprentice Program for 2016-2017. 

On May 13th, my play, HERPES, was featured as a reading for Northwestern University's Festival of New Work for the graduating MFA class of 2016. It was so much fun and such a joy to get to celebrate with my cohort. Each piece read was wholly representative of its respective writer, and the collection of pieces as a whole really demonstrated just how unique each voice in our cohort was. Here's a quick look at that night:

Northwestern University's Class of 2016: MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage with our professors and guest panelists: Laura Eason, Deidre O'Connor, and Lisa Cortes.

Northwestern University's Class of 2016: MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage with our professors and guest panelists: Laura Eason, Deidre O'Connor, and Lisa Cortes.

On May 31st, my play, PLAN B, was featured as a reading by Northwestern's MasterClash reading series. The reading was directed by the wonderfully talented, Susan Bowen. PLAN B is a 10-minute play that is a part of a larger series of plays I've written entitled, SEXUAL OFFENDING. Both PLAN B and HERPES take a look at sexual offenses, like the intentional passing of an STI and forcing a woman to take the Plan B pill. Offenses like these are not always viewed as punishable or criminal and tend to blur the lines of what we consider "sex crimes". Other plays in SEXUAL OFFENDING explore thematically similar offenses like, virtual prostitution and childhood sexual exploration. The series is in progress, and I'm excited to share this new project with y'all soon. 

On June 12th, I produced my first short play festival. 4 by 4: Four New Plays by Four New Writers, which showcased four short plays written by four members of the 2016 graduating class of Northwestern University's MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage program. The plays were written by Urasa Por Burapacheep, (myself) Kate Tucker Fahlsing, Roger Q. Mason, and Lin Tu and premiered at Stage 773 in Chicago. It was a fabulous evening of highly provocative new work. My play, HERPES, received it's first production in the festival, and was directed by Jeffrey Mosser. Check out a few photos (courtesy of Shuhan Fan) from HERPES and the talkback! 

And finally, on June 16th, I graduated with my MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage from Northwestern University with a 4.0!! I'm incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and really grateful to have had such amazing mentors (Thomas Bradshaw, Zayd Dohrn, Rebecca Gilman, Brett Neveu -- to name a few). I will miss my very talented cohort greatly. The world doesn't know what brilliant storytelling is coming its way real soon. :-)

Hey Y'all!!

I'm so thrilled to welcome y'all to my website!! I've been working on some excitin' new thangs and I cannot wait to share them with you. 

On February 1st we had a world premiere reading of my play, Across the Park at Stage 773. It was brilliantly directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, and starred Philena Gilmer, Aaron Christensen, Eva Breneman, George Booker, and Jamie Lynne Young. So much thanks and gratitude to these incredibly talented humans. The play garnered a really strong response from the audience and sparked conversations that are continuing a month later! It was a truly wonderful experience. 

Check out a few pictures from the reading. :-)